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ACS Biotech

About us

ACS Biotech vision is to change the lives of millions of people suffering from osteoarticular pathologies through regenerative medicine and development of new cellular-based products.

Our solution for cartilage repair, aims to regenerate articular cartilage damage with our Cartilage gel with only one precise and mini-invasive surgery, practised by specialized orthopaedic surgeons. A few months later, patients could remain their mobility and sportive activities.

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No treatment

Cartilage Defects

2 million knee injuries per year

Cartilage damage leads to OA:
pain, suffering, isolation, stress, stop sports

230 Million patients worldwide in 2022

Constant evolution with +40% by 2040

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Cartilage repair

ACS Biotech has developed the next generation of the innovative technology of Chondrocyte implantation. This new cellular-based product, uses our unique 3D hydrogel chitosan matrix (patented) as a support for cartilage cells (chondrocytes). This cartilage gel is easy to be implanted by mini-invasive surgery and yields a few months later after implantation to a cartilage like the native one.

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Osteoarticular Biobank

ACS Biotech offers high quality osteoarticular cells for R&D labs which focus on osteoarticular pathologies.

Since 10 years, ACS Biotech has developed high expertise in collection, conservation and quality controls in ostearticular cells like chondrocytes, fibrochondrocytes, synoviocytes as well as ostearticular tissues.

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3D Hydrogel Matrix

Chitosan is a natural, biocompatible, biodegradable, fungistatic and bacteriostatic polymer, with a good adherence with cells and well-knowed properties for regeneration of target tissue and drug

3D matrix hydrogel chitosan patented by ACS Biotech is physically crosslinked and confers a biomimetic well environment for cells.

Hydrogel chitosan can be proposed in several forms: membrane, viscous, particles…

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Quality Controls

ACS Biotech has developed a high expertise in quality controls of osteoarticular cells especially in viability, cell counting and Q-PCR. ACS Biotech can be your expert partner in quality controls in a large panels of cells and tissues.

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