Cartilage gel

ACS Biotech has developped the next generation of the innovative technology of Chondrocyte implantation. This new cellular-based product, uses our unique 3D hydrogel chitosan matrix (patented) as a support for cartilage cells (chondrocytes). This cartilage gel is easy to be implanted by mini-invasive surgery and yields a few months later after implantation to a cartilage like the native one.

Key advantages

ACS Biotech’s solution is :

Reliable and safe

Durable after only one shot injection

With mini-invasive surgery

With a perfect control of cells before implantation

Chondrocyte Implantation Process

ACS Biotech is the first company to exploit the properties of a chitosan hydrogel to develop a tissue-engineered product for cartilage repair. This unique solution has been validated and patented in collaboration with the CNRS.

This solution could be easily administered by the minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon will use the arthroscopic technique to perform a precision injection. The injected cartilage gel will adhere to the defect site and will repair cartilage in vivo to lead to a articular hyaline cartilage similar to native one.

A few months after the implantation, the lesion will be repaired, the biodegradable material will be
eliminated and the patient could regain his activity.